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How Effective is Your Company?

Is your top leadership team healthy and aligned?

Are your processes running smoothly and profitably?

Do you have the right people in the right place?

Does your firm’s strategy drive sustainable growth?

Many businesses experience challenges in one or more of these four areas. Where could your firm benefit from improvement? Patricia Heyman’s expert coaching will set your organization back on track to success. She works with senior executives and leadership teams applying a unique combination of techniques to create a stronger business foundation and greater organizational alignment for sustainable growth.

How Scaling Up Can Help Your Company Succeed

Discover the power of The Four Decisions model in this video!

Getting Started is Simple

From SMBs to global enterprises, Scaling Up with Patricia will make a dramatic impact on your productivity and profitability. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Start by taking the FREE Scaling Up Assessment
  2. Schedule a consultation to discuss your results and goals
  3. Work with Patricia and see your business evolve!

Are your People–Strategy–Execution–Cash functioning optimally?

Powerful Tools to Achieve Amazing Results

Let Patricia guide you to business success—fueled by a clear vision, aligned leadership, and focused resources—customized around these three areas:

Scaling Up System for Business Growth

Transform your organization and empower teams to seamlessly create value.

Developing an A-Player Culture

Assess, identify, and nurture your top-performing talent for optimal efficiency.

Fostering Antifragility

Employees learn to embrace challenges as growth opportunities and become stronger through stress.

About Patricia

Patricia Heyman has spent more than three decades working with business leaders around the world to enhance their collaborative leadership, engage teams for success, and magnify their organization’s impact. As a certified Scaling Up coach, she uses the Four Decisions model and other proven strategies to effectively help companies grow and thrive from the top down.

Benefits of Working with Us

Whether your organization is in growth mode, planning strategy, raising capital, or navigating a complex economic landscape, we will support you to leverage highly effective tools and evidence-based methods that empower your entire team to achieve amazing outcomes!

Dramatically increase profitability

Maintain a robust, results-driven culture

Achieve business objectives with strategic partnerships


We work closely with you to learn and master the tools and processes that will help you consistently scale forward as new opportunities arise.

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Patricia shares her consulting expertise for your success

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Your Leadership Team is the number one asset of your business. Without a quality team you will accomplish little.  It can be a challenge to build a leadership team that...
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What Patricia's Clients Say...

Patricia laid the groundwork for a transformation of our culture to be truly focused on measurable results, key performance, accountability, and credibility. We began to change the elements that were holding us back from how we communicated with one another and the content of our leadership meetings to how we behaved as leaders collectively guiding the organization to achieve strategic goals.
Karen Wall
Senior Vice President-Corporate Infrastructure, Akibia, Inc
Working with Patricia, I learned how to manage my projects and meetings with executives. Her coaching provided great insight on how to navigate through the different layers within my company and how to stay focused managing my responsibilities and staff.
Martha Torres-Morgan
Director Brand Rx Product Management, McKesson
Patricia has a sincere interest in seeing your business scale to new heights. Many times, it's about knowing what questions to ask in order to get the best solutions to your problem. Patricia does a great job getting you to bring out the answers you've been looking for. Many businesses will run their business blindly, but with Patricia’s help, you will get a GPS for your business that will guide you through the process of creating a great company.
Louis Chavez
Chavez Web Design
Thanks to Patricia, I have a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and the results my actions can have on the dynamics of our culture and workplace. I have seen day to day benefits in my interactions with other bank managers, including much better levels of communication, enhanced engagement of key leaders, and an improved focus on the organizational goals and the contribution each leader can make in achieving success for our organization. Patricia’s leadership assessment and coaching provided our management team with a roadmap that ultimately will make us a stronger organization for many years to come.
Steve W. Wells
President, Los Alamos National Bank
Patricia provided an excellent coaching and development program which I feel was very beneficial. Time management, delegation, and leadership. She provided excellent feedback and suggestions that I continue to use every day. She also helped me recognize and resolve various issues related to management, as well as personal and team development.
Dickson Woodward
Market President, South Financial Group/Carolina First Bank
Through Patricia’s coaching, I have become more focused and appreciative of my accomplishments. She was quickly able to identify behaviors that were keeping me from experiencing my full potential and supported me to replace ineffective habits with better ones. As a result, I am now able to concentrate on what matters and have let go of many things that aren’t important. Our work together significantly improved my productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and visibility with colleges and superiors.
Timothy O. Doyle
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Los Alamos National Bank

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