Developing an A-Player Culture

The People Decision

The People Decision is the first, foundational element of the Scaling Up Methodology Four Decisions (People – Strategy – Execution – Cash), focusing on the people and teams in your business. Cultivating an A-Player Culture nurtures talent and initiative to build an organization that supports your Strategy, Execution and Cash decisions.

What is an A-Player Culture?

An A-Player Culture prioritizes the guidance of individual and team performance according to the purpose and core values of the organization, in addition to standard productivity metrics.


We have found that high performance does not necessarily create the desired results without a specific format to apply cultural values to such areas as customer service, internal interaction between organizational levels, and within each team. To maintain a highly functioning and healthy culture, both performance and core value functioning are essential.


Therefore, starting with the leadership team, we develop three essential ways to create the culture to hire, support, and create A-Players for leadership and continuous forward movement. From this perspective, leaders can form a team with clearly defined roles and areas of responsibility that each person is accountable for.

How We Work with You

Patricia facilitates a 3-part core workshop to do a deep dive into the People area of your organization, with a focus on:


  1. Functional clarity for the person in each role, with a focus on Outcomes and Results that describes how their job contributes to the overall success and impact of the business, along with what expectations and communications are needed to achieve your firm’s goals.
  2. The application of Scorecards—both for the Leadership Team and Functional Scorecards for each department—changes the idea of a job description into a dynamic look at the results the company obtains and the part that each role has in that success.
  3. Owning the value of what each person contributes and how to enhance it through accountability.

We start with Talent Assessments to determine productivity and cultural alignment. We clarify challenges, determine goals and direction, and measure progress. Team Effectiveness allows us to identify organizational strengths and gaps while fostering a culture of authentic, honest communication within the leadership team, which cascades down to employees.

Who Is an A-Player?

An employee who is in the top 10 percent of their profession on an industry-wide basis for the salary

A person on your team whom you would enthusiastically rehire

The employees at an enterprise who drive all the profitability and growth

A person of high integrity who delivers on commitments

The employee every organization covets

The employee who fits your company culture and models core values and behaviors

Do you want to operate your organization within a high-performance culture based on Functional Accountability for employees and teams?

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