Fostering Antifragility

Antifragility Growth Mindset

By developing an Antifragility Growth Mindset, leaders and employees will be better equipped to handle the many stresses and rapid changes that come with any fast-paced environment, which can be difficult to absorb and implement. As a result of mastering this component, organizations that are committed to Scaling Up can exponentially increase their ability to achieve stated goals.

What is an Antifragility Mindset?

Antifragility involves shifting away from a Fixed Mindset towards a Growth Mindset. Instead of viewing stress as negative or something to avoid, look for the opportunity that stress brings forward and embrace it as a positive experience that builds your inner reserves of strength.


  • Avoids challenges
  • Gives up easily with obstacles
  • Effort is uncomfortable
  • Avoid or ignore useful negative feedback
  • Threatened by success of others
  • Need to look smart


  • Embrace challenges
  • Persist in face of setbacks
  • Effort is the path to mastery
  • Solicit criticism for learning
  • Inspiration in success of others
  • Desire to learn

Four Behaviors of an Antifragility Growth Mindset

Patricia will work with your leadership team and employees to learn, track, and consistently apply four key behaviors that support Antifragility:


Take a beat. Rather than reacting to irritation or being upset in the moment, simply pause and breathe, which gives you time to respond intentionally.

Daily Bold Action

Take a daily bold action in the direction of your essential goal.

Difficult Conversation Opportunity

Take the opportunity to have difficult conversations you are avoiding.

Invite Feedback

Seek and welcome criticism for learning and greater success.

Through developing this new approach to workplace stresses, your entire team will learn how to face their fears with courage rather than avoidance and resentment. Mastering this process often has an astonishing effect on motivation, productivity, and overall company morale!

Are you ready to reap the incredible results of instilling an Antifragility Growth Mindset in your organization?

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