What Patricia's Clients Say...

Discover what executive leaders have to say about the results they achieved working with Patricia!

Steven Wiley

Systems Biologist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Patricia is a fantastic coach. She worked with me as I was making a transition to a new set of projects and helped me focus on what was most important in moving forward. I found her advice to be spot-on, especially in dealing with people and I have been extremely successful as a result. I am now a sought-after senior advisor at work because of my "surprisingly good" engagement and team-building skills. I have grown my non-profit so that we now have a building and multiple staff and was recently appointed by our city to an oversight board. I am also membership chair of our local Rotary club, helping them rebuild after COVID. All positions require a great deal of engagement and leadership skills that I learned from Patricia. All of the organizations I belong to thank her as well! Steve

Karen Wall

Senior Vice President-Corporate Infrastructure, Akibia, Inc.
"Patricia laid the groundwork for a transformation of our culture to be truly focused on measurable results, key performance, accountability, and credibility. We began to change the elements that were holding us back from how we communicated with one another and the content of our leadership meetings to how we behaved as leaders collectively guiding the organization to achieve strategic goals."

Martha Torres-Morgan

Director Brand Rx Product Management, McKesson
“Working with Patricia, I learned how to manage my projects and meetings with executives. Her coaching provided great insight on how to navigate through the different layers within my company and how to stay focused managing my responsibilities and staff.”

Louis Chavez

Chavez Web Design
"Patricia has a sincere interest in seeing your business scale to new heights. Many times, it's about knowing what questions to ask in order to get the best solutions to your problem. Patricia does a great job getting you to bring out the answers you've been looking for. Many businesses will run their business blindly, but with Patricia’s help, you will get a GPS for your business that will guide you through the process of creating a great company."

Dickson Woodward

Market President, South Financial Group/Carolina First Bank “Patricia provided an excellent coaching and development program which I feel was very beneficial. Time management, delegation, and leadership. She provided excellent feedback and suggestions that I continue to use every day. She also helped me recognize and resolve various issues related to management, as well as personal and team development.”

Steve W. Wells

President, Los Alamos National Bank
“Thanks to Patricia, I have a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and the results my actions can have on the dynamics of our culture and workplace. I have seen day to day benefits in my interactions with other bank managers, including much better levels of communication, enhanced engagement of key leaders, and an improved focus on the organizational goals and the contribution each leader can make in achieving success for our organization. Patricia’s leadership assessment and coaching provided our management team with a roadmap that ultimately will make us a stronger organization for many years to come.”

Timothy O. Doyle

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Los Alamos National Bank
“Through Patricia’s coaching, I have become more focused and appreciative of my accomplishments. She was quickly able to identify behaviors that were keeping me from experiencing my full potential and supported me to replace ineffective habits with better ones. As a result, I am now able to concentrate on what matters and have let go of many things that aren’t important. Our work together significantly improved my productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and visibility with colleges and superiors.”