Case Study in Executive Burnout

This Case Study relates to Executive Burnout and the withdrawal of participation. I have heard this called Retirement on the Job.
Initial Situation: The President of a mid-sized financial services corporation was uninvolved with the executive team. Although he was social and polite he had stopped any innovative input into meetings and was uninvolved. Communication was not clear especially with the CEO.
His plans for the future consisted of looking toward an early retirement and spending time researching great places to go. His demeanor was pleasant just not involved. The CEO was angry and concerned that he was not a good candidate for succession and that he was “retired on the job.”

Resolution Process: This was part of a teaming approach whereby the entire executive team was involved in individual coaching using individual Leadership models and assessment and a 360. Clearly no one person was at fault. The most important part of the coaching and communication involved the CEO. Both executives worked in coaching on using leadership to enhance communication, acknowledge each other and use time together to problem solve and to communicate honestly.

Results: The results of this engagement especially with the CEO and the President were very positive. The CEO who was ready to retire realized that he really wanted to stay involved and move the company forward into greater expansion.

The President became re-engaged. He benefited greatly from quality regular meetings with the CEO and gave up his early retirement plans.

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