Case Study on Communication


Initial Situation:

The Leadership team of a mid-sized global company was meeting irregularly with little communication except during a crisis. The communication that did occur was on the run, without informing all members of the team creating misalignment between the business units. The result was competition and fear of honest opinion sharing as well as bringing forward new ideas when the infrequent meetings did take place.

The CEO was frustrated at the lack of strategic implementation and the lack of information sharing that would make things move more quickly. The sales unit and the customer service unit were not in alignment and therefore many customer needs as well as opportunities for up sales were being overlooked. Instead of a focus on solutions there was blaming of the other organizational unit.

Resolution Process:

Using the Team Alignment process each member of the team had an individual interview to give their honest assessment of the team and the silo effect that was operating. We began with the offsite which focused on creating greater relevant as well as challenging communication, accountability and solutions. The team agreed on and implemented accountability processes that allowed for monitoring each other as a matter of course and finally the solution focus process led into an actual work session to create immediate strategic implementation, assignment of projects/tasks and datelines.


Executive Team meetings were scheduled on a weekly basis as well as regular bi-weekly 1-1s with the leader. The monthly follow up meetings allowed for further clear communication and accountability and the solution focus. There were challenges but at the end of the first three months several implementations had been accomplished, and the team was more aware of events in all business units. Even the sales and customer service departments were in better communication and more aligned. Greater trust was created and peer relationship communications improved.

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