Create a Team Culture

Collaboration is crucial for success. When motivation and productivity are down, people wander in distraction rather than contribute to the solutions. Lack of teamwork contributes to loss of money, loss of direction, slow or no growth and smaller market share. Leaders become frustrated with the lack of progress of units or teams. Below are a few situations that may sound familiar to you:

  • The leadership team meets irregularly and when they do communication goes from the CEO to team members with little push-back or discussion. Often some people do not agree or have an idea, but don’t express it.
  • A new product or service is introduced, new employees are added, and current employees are fearful and confused about the new focus. Clear communication is neglected.
  • The technical design and implementation teams are neither getting work out in a timely manner nor communicating differences of opinion about practicality of designs and construction. There is behind-the-scenes complaining with no solution focus.

Progress begins when you target accountability, solution-focus and effective communication. If you have experienced anything similar to the above scenarios and would like to learn more about achieving results with effective collaboration, I invite you to read my free article, “Collaboration, Create a Team Culture” recently published by Leadership Excellence: