Create Effective Teams and Strategic Results

In my experience, leaders are often called upon to bring forward the latest innovations and business ideas in the larger universe. But often they make the mistake of being involved in the micromanagement of the units within the business and are not available to the larger business community. In addition, many top executives are not making it a priority to focus on the improvement of the functioning of the leadership team.

Two of the most important things a top executive can do to improve team productivity:

  • Encourage team meetings
  • Allow team members to bring creative ideas, honest opinions and an internalized sense of the team to the table.

The repercussions of not doing this are:

  • A competitive team
  • An environment of fear and behind the scenes complaining that stymie business growth.

Often the ears that should hear ideas and could expand those into doable innovation never hear and have the opportunity to develop. So many solutions are lost and will continue to be lost until the collaborative process is addressed as an essential to execution of strategic plans.

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