Antifragility – Daily Bold Action

The first Antifragility blog outlined an introduction to Open vs. Fixed Mindset and to  behaviors with an overriding view that Stress is a strength builder and that Stress can be invited as an opportunity rather than something to avoid.

We encourage you to read the entire series on Antifragility to set up a schedule of the behaviors below to enhance your development of antifragility which includes:

  • A Growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset
  • Show up as a Professional, not as an amateur
  • Summon your most courageous self to step into your fears
  • 3 Power phrases:  

I’m excited

Bring it on

That’s like me (Winning)


  4 Essential Behaviors to become essential habits for success. 

  1. The Pause—when a stimulus occurs we can monitor the response by using the Pause so that our response is not a reaction but a thoughtful choice
  2. Daily Bold Action— take bold action by stepping into the fear to build confidence
  3. Difficult Conversation Opportunity—Take the opportunity to have difficult conversations you are avoiding.
  4. Invite Feedback (Criticism)—create opportunities to receive feedback and welcome criticism for learning and greater success 


Daily Bold Action Rule

  • We build confidence by taking Bold Action
  • We take Bold Action by Stepping into Fear
  • Identify your fear: 
  • Examples:
  • Loss, 
  • Difficulty 
  • Uncertainty


Do’s and Don’ts and Obstacles

  1. Regularly ask yourself if you are operating from a Fixed or Growth Mindset.
  2. Don’t think that Antifragile confidence can’t be built.
  3. Obstacles:  Where to start

The Pause                             Daily Bold Action


Daily Bold Action is a behavior that supports the creation and achievement of  big goals. 

An exercise you can do to create and achieve a goal that is large and may seem difficult is to use the WOOP


  Each letter of the WOOP is significant.


  1. Wish—What do you Want?
  1. Outcomes—What benefits will you experience?
  2. Obstacles –What reality might get in the way?
  3. Plan—How will you overcome each obstacle?

Stick to the plan of one Daily Bold Action a day and keep track with a weekly review of each part of the WOOP.


Please let me know if you have questions or would like to discuss.  You can respond to the blog and we can have a conversation.

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