Antifragility – Mindset and 4 New Behaviors

This is the first in a series of 5 posts on Antifragility as a method for creating success beyond what you thought was possible especially as you move through this time of challenge and opportunity.

For several years now there has been a movement toward resilience in the workplace to deal with the many stresses that are part of a fast paced environment and many changes that are quick and sometimes difficult to absorb and to implement.

Now it becomes evident that rather than resilience or recovery we want to make a new commitment to greater strength and openness to take the opportunity for growth and learning that is being presented now.

Antifragility has become a concept that has been brought forward and that demands some new capabilities that can bring happiness and success in the workplace as well as personal life. 

This  overview involves the Growth Mindset of Anti-fragility and 4 behaviors that can be altered to allow a shift to a greater impact within and outside of your business.   

The study and teaching of the aspect of Antifragility can exponentially increase the impetus for stated outcomes. 

As we begin to Scale Forward it is important to know that now is the time for new thought and an altered mindset.

Antifragile Mindset:

Rather than view stress as negative or something to avoid,  look for the opportunity of stress as something positive to be embraced.

We do not look for resilience and recovery, but to welcome and embrace stress as a muscle builder for strength. The question to ask is: 

Am I operating from a FIXED or a GROWTH mindset?


  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily with obstacles
  • Effort uncomfortable
  • Avoid or ignore useful negative feedback
  • Threatened by success of others
  • Look smart


  • Embrace challenges
  • Persist in face of setbacks
  • Effort path to mastery
  • Solicit criticism for learning
  • Inspiration in success of others
  • Desire to learn

To begin this process for yourself think of these four behaviors that you can foster and track.

Pausewhen an e-mail or a conversation creates irritation or upset, pause and do not react in the moment.  Learn to use breathing as a way to Pause and set that intention so that when you feel irritation the first reaction is to breathe.  This gives you time to respond rather than to react.

Daily Bold Action – As you create an essential Goal take a daily bold action in that direction.

Difficult Conversation Opportunitythink of the conversations you might be avoiding and create an opportunity to have one.  

Invite Feedback (Criticism) – seek criticism for improvement and to have the challenge of hearing criticism which we often avoid


This will be an opportunity to have some interaction about these concepts.  You can Reply to the blog and reach me for any conversation you wish to have including Antifragility as a sustainable growth tool for sustainable growth.



Eric Partaker,  The Three Alarms

Kelly McGonegal, The Upside of Stress, audio book

Nassim Nicolas Taleb,  Antifragile—things that gain from disorder