Antifragility – Seek Criticism

Antifragility—#5 — Seek Criticism

In previous articles we have introduced the concept of Antifragility with an overall look at Mindset and the power of Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

When we commit to  a Growth Mindset we are committing to Learning as a central goal in every situation.  The learning means that we know we don’t know everything and new information is needed to achieve. The fifth behavior to discuss in this series for Antifragility is to Seek Criticism as a tool for learning.

Ask for feedback:

  • How can I improve?
  • How would you improve on this?

As we ask these questions we can invite thoughtful feedback even if it is deemed critical.  It gives us the opportunity to receive information that we may never get otherwise, that can lead to great accomplishment.

So often we see criticism as proof of our lack of value as a person and that is a mistake which holds us back.

One place to see examples of seeking criticism is in the Athletic World just demonstrated by the Olympics in Tokyo.  Criticism is key to the accomplishments of an athlete as well as any of us who want to grow and succeed in our chosen work.  

There are many examples of this which are enumerated in the Mindset, a new psychology of success by Carol Dweck.(references)


The Antifragility Journey For Success

    • Reframe your view of stress
    • Fortify Self Belief
    • Provide Tools to Turn Stress into Strength 
  • Begin your journey to become antifragile increasing your courage and confidence


Tools for Antifragility

  • Mindset—growth vs. fixed
  • Show up as a Professional vs. Amateur-  A Professional acts whether they feel like it or not and an Amateur does things if they feel like it.
  • 4 Behaviors or Habits to solidify the Antifragile Mindset

The Pause, 

Daily Bold Action

Difficult Conversations 

Seek Criticism

Like Difficult Conversations we often avoid Criticism rather than seek it out.  It is a new habit/behavior that will build confidence and strength and give you information about how to improve something that will make a huge difference in your success.

 As we “flip the script” we see that doing something that feels scary actually creates strength rather than trying to build strength first, before we take risks.

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The Pause

Daily Bold Action

Difficult conversations 

Seek Criticism


Eric Partaker,  The Three Alarms
Kelly McGonegal, The Upside of Stress, audio book
Nassim Nicolas Taleb,  Antifragile—things that gain from disorder
Mindset, by Carol Dweck