Antifragility – The Pause That Refreshes

The first Antifragility blog outlined an introduction to Mindset and behavior with an overriding view that Stress is a strength builder and that stress can be invited as an opportunity rather than something to avoid.

As we move forward into a new paradigm in business and life we want to develop some new patterns that allow for the unexpected and new opportunities to be used to the highest advantage.  Antifragility enhances vision so we can see opportunities that may be missed otherwise.

Below is the list of the enhancing behaviors included in this Antifragility Series.

The Pausewhen an e-mail or a conversation creates irritation or upset, pause and do not react in the moment.  Learn to use breathing as a way to Pause and set that intention so that when you feel irritation the first reaction is to breathe.  This gives you time to respond rather than to react.

Daily Bold ActionAs you create an essential Goal take a daily bold action in that direction.

Difficult Conversation Opportunitythink of the conversations you might be avoiding and create an opportunity to have one.  

Invite Feedback (Criticism) – seek criticism for improvement and to have the challenge of hearing criticism which we often avoid

   The Pause

The Pause creates the opportunity to develop breathing as an automatic response to reactiveness especially where there is upset or distraction.

The breathing is a clear opportunity to move into the present which takes away reactiveness coming from past experience.  The breathing process eliminates the fear that comes from concern for the future.  

Breathing Exercise

  1. Stop and close your eyes
  2. Set the intention to relax
  3. Inhale counting to five and exhale counting to 7 for three sets
  4. Set intention to forget the past
  5. Inhale and exhale as above for three sets
  6. Set intention to stop thinking about the future
  7. Inhale and exhale as above for three sets
  8. Set the intention to “take a vacation in the present” and Be Here Now.  
  9. Inhale and exhale as above for three sets

The Pause is extremely valuable as it lessens the outcome that comes when we respond too quickly in the moment.  We want to respond from the strength of our  best self rather than react without the pause that creates clarity.  What you will find through this practice is that there are new ways of looking at the situation.  This will create a thoughtful intelligent response rather than a reaction.  

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Eric Partaker,  The Three Alarms

Kelly McGonegal, The Upside of Stress, audio book

Nassim Nicolas Taleb,  Antifragile—things that gain from disorder