Lift Your Expectations for Connection and High Performance: Become a We-Pod

In today’ post, I would like to particularly acknowledge all of you in the Bridging Associates Community for moving to create more focus on the elements of communication and connection within your teams that lead to greater success.

In working with leaders and their teams, my experience has shown me that as they begin to participate in recognition and alignment with each other, a stronger commitment develops to opening up to new perceptions and to actions that make connection a priority. I have been moved by the level of openness and commitment among team members to a new approach and to the reordering of activities that is necessary to take teams and leadership to a new place.

So how can your organization operate more from a place of recognition and alignment?

Lift Your Expectations for Connection and High Performance:

A recent goal from a client I have been working with using the Collaborative Leadership Model:

“I want to create an effective team that communicates honestly without holding back so that we can effectively tackle issues and keep focused onwhat is important. I know that time and resources need to be used to refocus us on the aspects of communication, being accountable, and finding solutions as an everyday practice. I want the team to see communication as a top priority, and to keep agreements for discussions and free expression.”

Often when we want more or to be more, especially in terms of performing and innovation, we look outside for more information. Of course that can be helpful, however using what we already know can be shorter and much more fruitful. The talents and awareness of the team, especially within their own region or aspect of business, is easy to access when the line of communication is built through some specific process and awareness.

What Changes You Can Expect?

As we set up the Collaborative Leadership Process in organizations, we first involve each person prior to coming together as a group to prepare them for open communication and collaboration.

When you set aside time during each meeting to focus on how you are connecting, how you are growing as a team, as well as the what of your projects and goals, life begins to change. As a leader you can finally experience the benefit of input and sharing from your team that makes it possible for you to focus on other important matters such as the changes and actions that are necessary for successful strategic planning. You can trust colleagues to hear and to respond honestly allowing greater insight to move projects forward more quickly.

Increased Benefits:

As your team output improves, this allows you more time to expand your conversational opportunities with other top leaders, turning more challenging conversations into opportunities for more creative solutions.

When focus on Communication becomes a regular part of the team meeting agenda, and you follow the Collaborative Leadership Model how-to for these conversations, particularly in the process of implementation, keeping agreements becomes the norm. Focus and practice allow for new perspectives, and without that, there is only supposition.

Do you have team meeting communication and accountability experiences you’d like to share? I’d enjoying hearing from you; please be sure to leave a comment.

If you’d like to learn more about the implementation steps for jump-starting your team and colleagues into the Collaborative Leadership Model and become a We-Pod, please contact me today.