What are the Most Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself Today to Enhance Business Results?

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve begun to incorporate the Scaling Up-Four Decisions Methodology in my work with organizations to create greater team alignment using the essential tripod of Communication, Accountability and Solution Focus. The Four Decisions create a practical set of tools that can literally transform a corporation. I have seen the results and participated in creating them, and I know it works!

This methodology helps you manage and overcome challenges, as they tend to arise, with any new or existing business objective. Developing your skills in these four areas will help you turn surprises into opportunities to build new relationships, structures and processes in your business unit that will move you forward in valuable new directions.

As leadership teams begin working with the Four Decision elements; People, Strategy, Execution and Cash, their alignment, engagement and collaboration is enhanced to a far reaching degree, increasing their individual performance and development at the same time.
Four Decision ModelIf you are a business unit in a large business or a business that wants to grow up to 20% this year, ask yourself these six important questions. You may not have considered these before, yet they have a huge impact on future success.

1. Am I as the leader of the business engaged in the purpose and values that are at our base of operation?
2. Am I and my team clear about our brand and our vision 10 years from now?
3. Do I know what the core competencies of our organization are?
4. Am I doing what we need to do to leverage our competencies
5. Is our leadership team healthy?
6. Could accountability and engagement be expanded or improved?

Once you have considered these questions and formulated some answers, it is time to engage your leadership in moving forward with some new processes to enhance these factors. The Four Decisions Scaling-Up Model has some exercises that can allow your team to explore some new ways of collaborating and creating clarity around your brand and the promise you want to make to clients and customers.

Be sure to let me know if you would like more information to use on your own, or to engage in a custom program to expand these aspects of business practice.

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