Is It Passé to Use Competition Rather Than Collaboration to Get High Performance and Results?

As I speak with leaders in different business arenas there is much discussion about increasing results, particularly with sales, and concerns about how to get there. There is still a tendency even in the new business climate to encourage competition as a way to increase high performance even at the executive level.

Instead of using competition to drive results, I would like to suggest a formula for success which includes collaboration as a skill that can be learned and used to increase performance, as well as satisfaction.

Neuroscience points out that we are capable of creating new neural pathways in the brain at any time by introducing new ways of thinking and doing. One of the essential brain activators has been found to be connection, which results from increased and more effective communication with others.

Quiet Leadership, the book by David Rock, discusses connection as a brain activator and also talks about solution focus rather than focus on the problem as a way to increase creativity and innovation. Focus on solutions includes using enhanced team communication for creative thinking and innovation. Using a team approach in any area,  even when the unexpected happens, will create increased results. It is vital to take the time  to increase awareness about communication and partnership utilizing  the essential tripod of collaborative leadership: communication, accountability and solution-focus, which is the core of the learning and practice of essential collaboration. For more description please visit or see our library tab at

Our focus at Bridging Associates is to help you create a team culture that enhances performance and results with greater focus on the process of Collaborative Leadership and Team Alignment to increase performance and results. The practice in successful communication and accountability as a partnership also increases the ability to create connection in all situations.

If you have a question, challenge or particular success story you would like to share, be sure to leave a comment, I would enjoy hearing from you. – Patricia