What Is The One Thing You Can Do To Move Your Culture Forward In The New Year?

Once again we are coming to the end of the calendar year. Even if your fiscal year begins in another month of the year rather than January, this is still a time for review and planning to come into the New Year with a change.

As many of you know one small change can create ripples that will allow you to see a difference and effect in all areas of the business.

Using the Scaling Up process and the Rockefeller Four Decisions creates those ripples. The following is a recap of the Four Decisions methodology, along with a few suggestions, that you can begin to consider in your review and planning process for 2017:

The People Decision: The first and most important decision is addressing the health of the leadership team which has tremendous influence on company culture.

Give your leadership the chance to recognize that they are part of a team, to acknowledge the connection, to take accountability, and to create a culture of communication. This will lead to:

a. Greater trust
b. Willingness to conflict with honesty in order to make the best choices
c. Commitment to team goals, to create alignment moving forward
d. Accountability to each other as decisions are made and initiatives move forward
e. Attention to the results—willingness to look and measure to see how things are working.

The Strategy Decision is the area where you define the way forward for the organization by clearly establishing and communication the company’s:
a. Purpose
b. Core Values
c. Core Competencies
d. The big goal(BHAG) looking 10 years ahead
e. A 3-5 year plan

The Execution Decision: Plan for the year, quarter, month, by team, department, and individual. This area often causes the greatest frustration, but also has great gain when the three most important aspects are used.
a. Setting priorities
b. Measuring results
c. Meeting Rhythms

The Cash Decision: This is the area that provides you with the oxygen to grow your business:
a. Cash flow
b. Profitability
c. Cash Conversion

This is a brief summary of the Four Decisions to provide you with information that might strike a chord for you. If you are interested in exploring the Scaling Up-Four Decisions content more fully, and the advantage it will give you going into the New Year, please contact me for more information on our workshops and trainings and to see which is right for you. We also have information available on the Bridging Associates website. You might also want to purchase a copy of Scaling Up.

~ Patricia