How Do You Know Whether You Have Sustained Team Engagement?

In my last post I suggested a team meeting that focuses on process and on creating the connections between everyone on the team. (See prior blog post for the 4-meeting process.) Every time the New Year begins and strategy is created, it is a change for the organization. This link includes a summary and my commentary on the essential 8 Steps for Leading Change, by Dr. John P. Kotter, in his book of the same title. As I have spoken about these I have added that it is vital to create engagement throughout.

I recently spoke with a fellow consultant who has invited me to speak to a group of CEO’s about Collaborative Leadership and about how to keep the leader involved with the team as they move forward on the implementation plan. It is important to allow the leader the opportunity to consult and to hear progress rather than to enforce accountability. In collaborative leadership, accountability is a supportive process created through accountability partnerships where there is an opportunity to report action steps , discuss and solve challenges and finally to celebrate completion.

So often teams get lost in the action process and are not encouraged to seek support especially in some highly competitive situations. The accountability partnerships change this. These partnerships are created in the second meeting of the four meetings mentioned above:

  • Each team member selects someone that they have not had that much opportunity to work with.
  • They set up a schedule for a 15-30 minute meeting with the partner and create several goals that they are working on during the next week.
  • The meeting occurs mid-week to see how everything is going.
  • Then they report back to the team during the next full meeting about completions and challenges.

For full description of the Collaborative Leadership/Team Alignment process be sure to visit the Library Page of  our website and select the article entitled, The Full Team Alignment Process, pdf.

The most important thing to remember is to engage everyone in implementation and in the development of their own leadership in the process.

Do you have a question, challenge or particular success story you would like to share? Be sure to leave a comment, I would enjoy hearing from you. –  Patricia