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How can Connection and Partnerships Increase Your Leadership Influence?

To effectively lead and be strategic from any role in your organization, you have to develop network relationships and partnerships. I was talking with a Vice President this week who is the leader of a global team in a large organization that has many teams involved with different functions of the business. In addition, her…

How to Make the Strategic Jump from an I-Pod to the We-Pod

While everyone agrees collaboration creates results, resistance to spending the time and resources to allow for teams to learn how to collaborate effectively has led to isolated, disconnected employees (I-Pods) rather than more productive, collaborative teams (We-Pods). I am part of the shift towards the Collaborative Leadership Model and to creating a collaborative culture that will…

Cultural Behavior Changes That Will Improve Your Company Productivity – Part IV

Last week I introduced the third behavioral change, Alignment and Collaboration, in creating a company culture that aligns individual productivity with team values and goals, and the importance of changing the culture to be solution-oriented rather than placing blame. In today’s post I address the fourth aspect, Implementing Strategic Goals. • Proactive vs. Reactive • Focus vs.…