Author: Patricia Heyman

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Your Leadership Team

Your Leadership Team is the number one asset of your business. Without a quality team you will accomplish little.  It can be a challenge to build a leadership team that is engaged and aligned.  Many  organizations struggle to grow sustainably and profitably because they lack cohesiveness from the top down. Your business may be in…
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Execution Makes It Real

Executing on a Strategic Plan is an area where even the best companies lose focus, mostly because they don’t have solid methods and processes to achieve results. The goal is for processes to run smoothly, with a clear focus and without drama in order to drive your business to industry-leading profitability. Even with the right…

What Are the Most Common Roadblocks to Successful Strategic Planning?

Can you state your organization’s strategy simply? Can you determine whether or not it’s driving sustainable growth? If you hesitated on your answers you are not alone. The challenge for most is understanding what strategic planning truly means and how to use it to drive profitable growth for your company. Obviously, strategy is a plan…

Antifragility – Mindset and 4 New Behaviors

This is the first in a series of 5 posts on Antifragility as a method for creating success beyond what you thought was possible especially as you move through this time of challenge and opportunity. For several years now there has been a movement toward resilience in the workplace to deal with the many stresses…

Antifragility – Daily Bold Action

The first Antifragility blog outlined an introduction to Open vs. Fixed Mindset and to  behaviors with an overriding view that Stress is a strength builder and that Stress can be invited as an opportunity rather than something to avoid. We encourage you to read the entire series on Antifragility to set up a schedule of…

Antifragility – Seek Criticism

Antifragility—#5 — Seek Criticism In previous articles we have introduced the concept of Antifragility with an overall look at Mindset and the power of Mindset Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset When we commit to  a Growth Mindset we are committing to Learning as a central goal in every situation.  The learning means that we know…

Antifragility – Difficult Conversations

Antifragility—Difficult Conversations   Welcome to #4 of the Series on Antifragility Difficult Conversations   Previously we discussed the Mindset of Antifragility which is basic to changing behavior.  The Antifragility Mindset is  Open as Opposed to  Fixed. (link for first antifragility article)   The 4 Behavior Habits that build and assist Antifragility are The Pause Daily…

Antifragility – The Pause That Refreshes

The first Antifragility blog outlined an introduction to Mindset and behavior with an overriding view that Stress is a strength builder and that stress can be invited as an opportunity rather than something to avoid. As we move forward into a new paradigm in business and life we want to develop some new patterns that…

Engaging Remote Teams in a Virtual Environment

The shift to working from home has posed new challenges to workers stemming from lack of motivation, to being overworked and overwhelmed. Many people are juggling their workload with parenting. Some are lonely. Others might be depressed. And some may find it hard to stay motivated or self-govern. Organizations have been scrambling to maintain structure,…

The Anatomy of a Great Leadership Team

Building a leadership team that is aligned, accountable and productive is essential to the success of your organization but it’s where many companies often get derailed. So how do you attract the A-Players to your leadership team?